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Scienta Envinet is the leading supplier of complete Radiation Monitoring Network Solutions. Scienta Envinet formed in 2021 when Scienta Sensor Systems and ENVINET joined under the Scienta Scientific Group. Together, Scienta Envinet delivers powerful early warning and environmental radiation monitoring systems to timely quantify and minimize the impact of nuclear radiation releases.

Scienta Envinet combines the strengths of market-leading gamma radiation detection systems from ENVINET, and the radioactive Xenon early warning systems specialties of Scienta Sensor Systems. This allows us to supply the most comprehensive and integrated Radiation Protection Network solution from one source in the industry.

Scienta Envinet’s product offerings are supported through the Scienta Scientific global sales and services organisation. This even further simplifies and expands access to products, services and support for you and our 100+ loyal customers world-wide.

The joint Scienta Envient website will be available soon. In the meantime, please visit our existing websites for information about our products and services.

Scienta Sensor Systems, the leading provider of early warning systems for detection of airborne radioactive xenon gas from nuclear fission events. Has the largest installed base of SAUNA II systems, the industry standard.

ENVINET, the market leader in environmental radiation monitoring networks for civilian protection against the influence of ambient ionizing radiation, from natural sources also in the event of nuclear radiation incidents.


Ready for tomorrow?

The products of Scienta Envinet are used worldwide and provide exceptional solutions for the monitoring of environmental parameters.

Here at our sites in Uppsala, Sweden and Münich, Germany, you can work on innovative solutions and become part of a young and motivated team. Join the future of integrated solutions for radiation monitoring.

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Scienta Scientific Group: One Group, Two Leading Brands

Since 1983 the combined companies, including Scienta Omicron and Scienta Envinet that make up the Scienta Scientific Group have been leading the development of ultra high vacuum research and analysis equipment in the fields of Surface Science, Material Physics, UHV technology and Radiation Detection, resulting in scientific breakthroughs, Nobel Prizes and outstanding industrial equipment.

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